If you can’t sell it, swap it!

Ok so here’s my really cool wagon that I picked up a while ago, it’s roomy, fast, has character, and big windows, I like it, but the body is a POS, it needs a new windshield, front fenders, bumper, hood, and a bunch of rust repair. this is all gonna cost money, that and we have decided that this car is too brash so I tried to sell it… but no luck… not a popular enough body… and since I refuse to loose money on any of the cars I build, I’m gonna swap it…. yes all the goodie go fast bits are going to be swapped to a 89-91 civic SI (or DX) body.

so we go from this

to this

the 2dr hatch is much more popular and non-running bodies with little to no rust can be found for $500 on craigslist, and since i sold my wheels for $750 I can afford to get a body and since I love doing this stuff anyway and I have absolutely every part i need and some extras this will be easy, and since it will fix 90% of the problems i have with the current wagon i might even want to keep it and if i do decide to sell it, it’ll be a much easier sell and I may even make some more profit.

I think it’s a great idea, it won’t cost any extra money, it will keep me busy with car stuff, it will have a great end product that i can enjoy or sell if need be.

for those who don’t know, the wagon currently has, a 1999 civic sir B16 motor (160hp), a light weight flywheel, act clutch, full coilovers, a jdm sir transmission, etc etc etc…


3 Responses to “If you can’t sell it, swap it!”

  1. 1 J. Patstsone
    February 14, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    This is all lately? But are you going to keep the wagon. It would be different than other people.

  2. 2 joshp77
    February 14, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    well the wagon has many issues that aren’t worth fixing ($$$) but there is a lot of expensive parts tied up in it, so I wanted to sell it, but there were no interested buyers.

    the main thing is to sell it and put the money away till we get a new car in the late summer or fall and just use transit till then, but since it’s not selling it is just sitting uninsured. I figure I’ll swap it all over to a very clean rust free hatchback body then I can sell it, this will make me more money since clean, rust free, B16 swapped, 88-91 civic hatchbacks with decent suspension are very hard to find and carry a fair bit of value….. nobody wants the wagon because the body is a mess. most people don’t have the time, space, or skill set to swap it all them selves.

    so either way the car is gonna go in lieu of something better for daily driving and road trips, this will help the car sell and make me more money, plus it will be fun and we might take it to california in april

  3. 3 mason
    June 10, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    im very interested in knowing where your wiper setup came from

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